Pure Tea

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Herbal tea mix, 30 g

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Pure Tea

Would like more luminous skin, as well as, feel lighter in body and mind? Make use of the means of Mother Nature: herbs that cleanse the body. Anneli’s Pure Tea includes active substances from e.g. golden rod, dandelion and calendula.


In Greek mythology Prometheus shaped humans out of mud. King of the gods Zeus would not let humans have fire, so Prometheus stole fire and brought it back to humans on a fennel stalk.


Nettle has been an important source of fibre. It yields a fine fabric that earlier only the gentry could afford. As nettle was much softer than linen and it was used for lavish underwear.


From the beginning, yarrow has had the reputation of being a potent wound healing herb. Soldiers and carpenters have always carried yarrow with them, and there are many wild tales about its potency: severed fingers, noses and ears have been put back in place with the help of yarrow.



Put some tea leaves into a gauze bag, and you’ll have a flavour bag to bring freshness into you linen cupboard.