Blueberry and Meadowsweet Marmalades

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Blueberry and Meadowsweet Marmalades, 130 g/bag

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Blueberry and Meadowsweet Marmalades

Have a sweet and you’ll take a journey to the lush scents and flavours of a blueberry forest. Listen to the magnificent rumble as the mighty blueberries roll into your bucket. There are even more blueberries under those leaves! The juicy blueberries are accentuated by meadow sweet; an intoxicating midsummer herb found from moist birch forests.


Blueberry sprouts can be helpful in diabetes. The leaves contain nature’s own insulin, myrtillin. Tea prepared from these leaves helps balancing blood sugar levels.

Meadow sweet

Aspirin got its name from the former scientific name of meadow sweet, that is spiraea ulmaria. In the early 1800s, salicylic acid was found in the flower buds of meadow sweet and the bark of white willow. In 1899 the medical company Bayer used it to develop an anti-inflammatory pain killer, Aspirin


Serve marmalade with salted nuts.

Decorate your cake with marmalade. You can for instance write the numbers on a birthday cake.

Make marmalade decorations for a Christmassy gingerbread house.

Put a marmalade sweet on a stick and dip into chocolate sauce.

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