Sweet mix

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Sweet mix, 130 g

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Sweet mix

Can’t decide between all the lovely sweets? Why not open a bag of Sweet Mix and take a peek into the Lappish berry forests and marshes. The berry threesome – cloudberry, lingonberry and black crowberry – freshly seasoned with anise hyssop and sweetgrass.

Black crowberry

The black crowberry in Lapland is a bit bigger, juicier and flavoursome than its southern cousin. It contains plenty of vitamin C and flavonoids; actually more than any other berry in Finland.


Serve marmalade with salted nuts.

Decorate your cake with marmalade. You can for instance write the numbers on a birthday cake.

Make marmalade decorations for a Christmassy gingerbread house.

Put a marmalade sweet on a stick and dip into chocolate sauce.

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