Lappish Pizza Seasoning

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Herbal spice mix, 15 g

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Lappish Pizza Seasoning

The king of pizza spices, oregano, is full of flavour, grown in the light Lappish summer. Have a sprinkle! Oregano is a versatile herb. Add some Lappish Pizza Seasoning to meat, fish and chicken dishes or to accompany tomato.


A botanist and explorer Pehr Kalm (Pietari Kalmi in Finnish) brought several types of thyme seeds to Finland from his trips to America in the 1700s. He studied at the University of Uppsala under Carl von Linné who used Kalm’s botanical collections in his research. People tried to root these new plants into the Scandinavian soil, but with little success. The Finns did take on thyme, although mainly as spice for their favourite vegetable – sausage.


The vegetable of the northern peoples, angelica has been used as a herbal remedy and spice ever since the Viking times. It was thought that angelica would help with nearly everything from plague to broken hearts. According to the legend, the archangel Gabriel brought this miraculous plant from heaven and taught people how to use it.