Lappish Meat Seasoning

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Herbal spice mix, 15 g, 15 g

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Lappish Meat Seasoning

Lappish Meat Seasoning tops off your meats as well as salads. Meat Seasoning includes e.g. parsley, lovage, thyme and satureja – with plenty of aroma, all grown under the midnight sun.


A botanist and explorer Pehr Kalm (Pietari Kalmi in Finnish) brought several types of thyme seeds to Finland from his trips to America in the 1700s. He studied at the Univerity of Uppsala under Carl von Linné who used Kalm’s botanical collections in his research. People tried to root these new plants into the Scandinavian soil, but with little success. The Finns did take on thyme, although mainly as spice for their favourite vegetable – sausage.


Basil comes from Asia and Africa. Most likely basil reached Europe along with the troops of Alexander the Great in the 4th century BC. Basil was a sacred plant for the ancient Romans. Its powers could weaken if the plant was not treated with respect. There was even a special tool used to pick basil so the sanctity of the herb was not disgraced. Basil derives from Greek


Nettle has been an important source of fibre. It yields a fine fabric that earlier only the gentry could afford. As nettle was much softer than linen it was used for lavish underwear.