Lappish Fish Seasoning

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Herbal spice mix, 15 g

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Lappish Fish Seasoning

Includes e.g. the fish favourite, dill. New flavours from traditional northern herbs, angelica and mountain sorrel. Mountain sorrel grows on the Lappish fells and the Same people have used it as a source vitamin C. Lappish Fish Seasoning is not only great on fish but also in salads.


The vegetable of the northern peoples, angelica has been used as a herbal remedy and spice ever since the Viking times. It was thought that angelica would help with nearly everything from plague to broken hearts. According to the legend, the archangel Gabriel brought this miraculous plant from heaven and taught people how to use it.


Dill has been a Nordic favourite since the 16th century. Dill grows wild in the Mediterranean region, however, it is a virtually unknown spice in e.g. France and Italy. In many cultures it has been used as a remedy to soothe small children. Dill seeds were given to children to chew so that they would keep quiet in church and to get rid of the feeling of hunger. The word dill may originate from Old Norse word dilla meaning to sooth or lull.


In Greek mythology Prometheus shaped humans out of mud. King of the gods Zeus would not let humans have fire, so Prometheus stole fire and brought it back to humans on a fennel stalk.


Basil comes from Asia and Africa. Most likely basil reached Europe along with the troops of Alexander the Great in the 4th century BC. Basil was a sacred plant for the ancient Romans. Its powers could weaken if the plant was not treated with respect. There was even a special tool used to pick basil so the sanctity of the herb was not disgraced. Basil derives from Greek basileus meaning king.

Lemon balm

The Greek name of lemon balm, melissa officinalis stands for honey bee. The bees love lemon balm and already in the ancient times it was used as a honey plant. The lemon balm nectar is transformed into honey that tastes and smells of lemon.