Christmas Sweets

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Cloudberry, lingonberry, sweetgrass, mint and black crowberry marmalades, 130 g/bag


Christmas Sweets

What would Christmas be without an inviting selection of marmalades? Also, preferred by the little elves, the Christmas Sweets taste of perky lingonberry, crowberry.

Black crowberry

The black crowberry in Lapland is a bit bigger, juicier and flavoursome than its southern cousin. It contains plenty of vitamin C and flavonoids; actually more than any other berry in Finland.



Serve marmalade with salted nuts.

Decorate your cake with marmalade. You can for instance write the numbers on a birthday cake.

Make marmalade decorations for a Christmassy gingerbread house.

Put a marmalade sweet on a stick and dip into chocolate sauce.

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